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Sports Eyewear

sportsThe crack of the bat, the pop of the ball as it is caught by the first baseman and the roar of the fans all conjure up images of days gone by with Americans favorite pastime: baseball. But with the excitement of hitting your first homerun or catching your seasons first fly ball come some risks to the players vision.
Those cowhide spheres are hurled at speeds equal to or greater than the speed limit of your local expressway. An errant throw or missed catch could spell serious vision impairment or loss.
Sports are the leading cause of eye accidents among children and adolescents. This school year tens of thousands of youngsters will be hit in the eye by a ball or stick, suffering detached retinas, corneal lacerations, cataracts, hemorrhages, and even the loss of an eye. The most hazardous sports are basketball, baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse, racquetball, and soccer. Basketball carries the added risk of eyes being poked by fingers and elbows.
Each sport now has it own protective gear that does not interfere with performance. In the NFL and NHL players use facemasks fitted with shields specially contoured to prevent eye injuries. Coaches, staff, school administrators, and parents should work together to promote, or even require protective eye 20kid
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These special protection lenses should be placed in frames designed for sports. Standard eyewear frames are not designed to withstand the speed or impact sports can inflict. Temple hinges can break and cause eye injuries as can the frame, which holds the lens in place. Davis EyeCare specializes in sports frames and goggles to help protect vision and the eyes.Follow this link to see what eyewear works best for your sports vision needs.
Our keepers of American’s greatest pastime require the best possible protection from injury so they can continue to enjoy the game. Consult Davis EyeCare for information about specialty eyewear for all sports or come visit our Oak Lawn office.